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While the greatest attempt is made to create websites that are compatible with the most browsers out there on the web, the simple reality is that as new technologies develop and operating systems (like Microsoft Windows and Mac OS) are updated along with their respective browsers, we cannot guarantee that your old browser will be able to view this site.

Symptoms you may have a problem with your computer or connection:

  • Excessively slow download speeds.

  • Strange appearance of web pages including squished pictures.

  • Erratic behavior of site, browser, or your computer.

Minimum System Requirements for viewing this site:
  • Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista with latest software updates

  • OR Mac OS 10 and later.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 and later OR Mozilla Firefox

  • A computer that can support the above, free of viruses and spyware (if you use Microsoft Windows).

How to fix problems viewing this website:
  • Ensure your computer meets the requirements above.

  • Windows Users: Go to and download the latest updates and Internet Explorer 7 and later. You must have ALL these updates to safely view our site.

  • Mac Users: Go to Apple Menu | Software Update and download all updates.

  • Download the latest Internet Explorer from AND/OR download the latest Firefox from Mozilla.

If all else fails, you have a serious computer problem that needs attention. You may have a virus or spyware that is monitoring your browser habits, obtaining credit card numbers, and/or stealing and corrupting information on your system. If you feel that you still cannot view this site correctly after following the above steps, please contact your computer services provider.

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