Lubrication Systems Division
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Resettable Auto Relief Pin Indicator w/Return to Supply


Ron Mills & Company Environmentally Safe  Resettable Auto Relief Pin Indicators With Return To Supply Adapter were designed and developed to signal line blockage, but allow the lube system to continue to supply lubrication to points that are not blocked. When an over pressure occurs it moves a piston in our product allowing the lubricant to relieve through a vent hole the lubricant NEVER goes into the atmosphere, because when it vents it goes into our specially designed adapter and is returned to it's supply.

Once the pressure is relieved the spring resets the piston and a Color-Coded pin remains extended to identify where the over pressure condition occurred until manually reset.

Example of P/N: RM0500-S.S. - 02 - RS (500PSI, Stainless Steel, 1/8"NPT, Relieving to Supply)

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