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Skateboard Press
 Capable of holding 16 molds at a time and producing over 80 decks every hour and a half, this mammoth machine is not for the small skateboard start-up. Cylinders and valves hold desired pressure for 24 hours for the serious skateboard company who is seeking cost-efficient, time sensitive production of their signature boards. This custom built machine is designed to get quality boards to market quickly. Remember, if you are an entrepreneur looking to get your start the skateboard industry, we recommend starting with our heat transfer machine. This skateboard press, like all other machines can be easily customized to fit your needs.


  • 80 decks per 1 1/2 hours.
  • Press area 33" X 48" (two for each station).
  • Capable of 16 molds, 4 in each opening (shown 4 opening press).
  • 250 ton of pressure each opening.
  • Timers and lights to indicate completed cycles.
  • Energy saving 3 hp pump (220/440 volt 3-phase) operates only while press is closing.
  • Double electric palm controls to raise & push button to lower press.
  • Manual valve to keep press closed once desired pressure is achieved.
  • Cylinders that hold desired pressure for 24 hr. plus.
  • On-site services available.


  • 5' X 16' foot print
  • 4 stations standard
  • 45,000 lbs


We can build to your specifications.

$145,000.00 as shown. Lead Time 120-180 days.

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